Family Support

Here at Wellbeing Homecare one of our fundamental principles is to keep family and loved ones closely connected. We strive to provide your loved one with a safe and happy environment as we welcome them and you into our family. We are here for support, advice or someone to talk to whenever you need it. Engagement with family is crucial to delivering the best care for your loved one and providing you with peace of mind.

Our care and support is delivered in close partnership with family, friends and other informal carers. Your roles and needs are greatly respected by all of us here at Wellbeing Homecare.

Care Planning

You will have very close contact with our Registered Care Manager from the first visit, during which we seek to understand the requirements of your loved one and discuss how we can help you and your family.

We value your opinion. You and your family members are crucial to really understanding the needs and lifestyle of your loved one.

With your help and input, we will construct a Personalised Care Plan.

Stay Informed

Once our friendly CareGivers begin to support and care for your loved one, regular contact will be made by the Registered Care Manager, to discuss progress and to answer any of your questions.

You may call the manager at any time to discuss any queries.


Wellbeing likes to know the birthdays of our service user’s close ones. We ensure a birthday card is sent and signed, if they are able, by your loved one to the ones they hold dear to their heart.

Not only is this a loving gesture for the receiver, it provides your loved one with the sense of involvement with friends and family.

Personalised Recorded Messages

We understand it can be difficult to spend most of your time with your loved one due to distance, work or other commitments. But Wellbeing stands firmly by our promise to keep loved ones connected and involved.

Through an association with Stories4life, an online recording service, family members are able to record personalised messages for their loved ones. Stories4life offer a variety of recordings, including poems, personalised messages and memoirs, such as: memories with your loved one, holidays, days out, milestones and special times.

Evidence shows Stories4life Personalised Audios reduce loneliness and help activate memories for the care receiver. Storied4life recordings are made online, whereby special editors enhance the recordings by removing mistakes and blending in music and effects, making each word be felt by your loved one.

Even when you are not able to reach your loved one, our CareGivers will play your special message so that they can hear your voice and reminisce happy memories.

Wellbeing Homecare funds your Stories4life recording.